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Roodhouse Public LIbrary Board Meeting

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Roodhouse Public Library

Regular Board Meeting

January 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Jeanne Bettis at 5:30 P.M.In addition to Bettis those trustees present were Mike Harper, Bruce Vortman, Sharon Sitton, Carolyn Camp, Sharon Patterson,David Mead, and librarian, Beth Harp-Huffines.


Secretary's Report:

The December minutes were read &  approved on a motion by Patterson, second by Harper.

Staff Report:Ms. Huffines gave the following report:

A. The Roodhouse City workers came and fixed some ceiling tiles and removed a warped one. They plan to return to replace the entire back row with waterproof tiles. After the leak is fixed they will also replace the ceiling in the children's room and the water stained tiles in the circ room. Payment will come either from the City or grant monies.

B. Librarian Beth had a class in Edwardsville on January 9th to learn how to barcode periodicals.

C. The quarterly report has been filed with the State Library. THis report includes bids and work by Mr. Shewmaker.

D. New IMRF laws state that if an employee works over 600 hours per year, they must be included in IMRF. The employeeer has to pay 11.47% of the employee's gross salary and the employee has to pay 4.5%. We will be cutting the hours worked by Carole to about 12.5 per week to stay under the 600 hour mark.

E. Librarian Beth informed us that new rules will be coming moving check out time of library materials from 2 to 3 weeks. The State wants all libraries to conform to the same time frame.

F. Because of delivery time, books going out to other libraries have been cut to about 3 per day.

G. Carole will be gone during February and will return March 10.

H.  New lights are brightening up the breezeway.

I.  Board members recieved the Statement of Economic Interest papers were handed out and the Board members filled them out and Librarian Huffines will send them in.

J.  Librarian Beth will meet with Pam Painter from the White Hall Library to start working on plans for the Summer Reading Program. We will be doing the program together. It is called Paws for Reading and will feature an animal theme.


 Financial Report:  Treasure Mike Harper presented the financial report and Approval of Expenditures. Motion by Burrus, second by Mead to accept the report as presented. Unanimously approved, final action.

An informative note was made by Mike:

2013 Greene County Treasure anount was $22,831.00

2013 Payroll amount was :                      $21,244.00

As can be seen our budget is very tight and we must be very careful with expenditures.

Also noted was $24,758.00 remains from the grant.

Reports of Committees:

Finance : No report.

Building and Grounds: Mr. Shewmaker replaced lights in the front of the library at a cost of $350.00

 Librarian Beth is still working on a No Solicitation Policy.

Unfinished Business: 


New Business: The Board and Librarian decided to keep our check out time for books and magazines at 2 weeks until forced to change. The Librarian felt we would have better success with returns this way.

Public or Audience comments:

Adjourn:  On a motion by Mead, second by Patterson it was unanimously resolved to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 PM. Final action.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Burrus,  Secretary




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